There are literally hundreds of ways to make money working from home, but one of the easiest is getting paid for taking surveys online. Companies are willing to pay for your opinion, but before you quit your day job there are a few things you need to know.

Online Surveys Will Not Replace a Full-Time Income – Contrary to what some ads on social media or Craigslist claim, no legitimate survey website will provide you anything close to a full-time income. Think of it as a way to score some cash, a free coffee or a gift card to some of your favorite stores.

Your Profile Matters – Sometimes companies are looking for a specific demographic like Millennials who stream movies or teenagers who care about fitness so completing your profile makes a difference. E-Poll offers an extended profile where you can earn points by telling us more about yourself. This way, you can qualify for more surveys!

Make Sure Survey Invites Aren’t Lost In Your Email – Sometimes our email clients do too good of a job protecting us. If you find that you haven’t received a Survey invite in quite some time, it might be because your survey invitations are being sent to your junk mail. If this is happening to you or if you have issues with receiving invitations in general, head over to our Help Center. At E-Poll, your available surveys will also be posted on your home page after you have logged in to your account.

More Points = Bigger Rewards – The more points you save up, the better the rewards. In your user homepage you can see how many more points you need until you reach the next reward but you can go to the shop to view all the rewards available.

Donate to Charity – Not everyone has the means to donate to charity but we give everyone the option of turning their points into actual donations to one of the charities we offer. For a full list of all the charities available, visit the store.

Express Yourself! – Companies want to hear YOUR opinion. This is your chance to have a real influence on brands, tv shows, or products.

At E-Poll Surveys, we respect your time and opinion. We invite you to become an E-Poll member and “Express Yourself.” E-Poll surveys are a great way to share your opinion and make a difference in the products you care about – while earning cash and rewards from the places you shop. Become an E-Poll member today.